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    • Are fictional emotions SUI generis? 

      Arıcan, Bensu (Bilkent University, 2018-06)
      In this master‟s thesis, I address the question whether fictional emotions are sui generis or whether they are reducible to genuine emotions. I argue that we can neither put fictional emotions in a different category nor ...
    • Do we have anything left to believe? 

      Gökçe, Y. (2003)
      In this paper, the stories known as "Urban Legends" were examined by the terms of common properties, sources and healing effects in society.
    • The formation of Alevi syncretism 

      Selmanpakoğlu, Ceren (Bilkent University, 2006)
      The aim of this study is to explore the formation of Alevi syncretism by examining historical facts and religious interactions. By understanding how Alevis adapted various cultural, religious and social phenomena, and ...
    • How to be fragmented? 

      Eroğlu, Ali Kerem (Bilkent University, 2018-06)
      Actual human agents have limited cognitive capacity. They might display deductive failure, contradictory beliefs and imperfect recall. These and other similar cases raise a problem for idealized models of belief and behavior. ...