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    • Behavioural analyses of quinine processing in choice, feeding and learning of larval drosophila 

      El-Keredy, A.; Schleyer, M.; König, C.; Ekim, A.; Gerber, B. (2012)
      Gustatory stimuli can support both immediate reflexive behaviour, such as choice and feeding, and can drive internal reinforcement in associative learning. For larval Drosophila, we here provide a first systematic behavioural ...
    • Odour intensity learning in fruit flies 

      Yarali, A.; Ehser, S.; Hapil F.Z.; Huang J.; Gerber, B. (2009)
      Animals' behaviour towards odours depends on both odour quality and odour intensity. While neuronal coding of odour quality is fairly well studied, how odour intensity is treated by olfactory systems is less clear. Here ...
    • A role for LYNX2 in anxiety-related behavior 

      Tekinay, A.B.; Nong, Y.; Miwa J.M.; Lieberam I.; Ibanez-Tallon I.; Greengard P.; Heintz, N. (2009)
      Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental disorders in developed societies. Although roles for the prefrontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus and mediodorsal thalamus in anxiety disorders are well documented, molecular ...