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    • Autism spectrum disorders: a close-reading of four independent films 

      Mostowfi, Ahou (Bilkent University, 2019-01)
      Both Hollywood and independent productions have been interested in depicting Autism Spectrum Disorders in the last thirty years. Within this period, diagnostic criteria of this developmental disorder have made dramatically ...
    • Insights into autism spectrum disorder genomic architecture and biology from 71 risk loci 

      Sanders, S. J.; He, X.; Willsey, A. J.; Ercan-Sencicek, A. G.; Samocha, K. E.; Cicek, A. E.; Murtha, M. T.; Bal, V. H.; Bishop, S. L.; Dong, S.; Goldberg, A. P.; Jinlu, C.; Keaney, J. F.; Keaney III, J. F.; Mandell, J. D.; Moreno-De-Luca, D.; Poultney, C. S.; Robinson, E. B.; Smith L.; Solli-Nowlan, T.; Su, M. Y.; Teran, N. A.; Walker, M. F.; Werling, D. M.; Beaudet, A. L.; Cantor, R. M.; Fombonne, E.; Geschwind, D. H.; Grice, D. E.; Lord, C.; Lowe, J. K.; Mane, S. M.; Martin, D.M.; Morrow, E. M.; Talkowski, M. E.; Sutcliffe, J. S.; Walsh, C. A.; Yu, T. W.; Ledbetter, D. H.; Martin, C. L.; Cook, E. H.; Buxbaum, J. D.; Daly, M. J.; Devlin, B.; Roeder, K.; State, M. W. (Cell Press, 2015)
      Analysis of de novo CNVs (dnCNVs) from the full Simons Simplex Collection (SSC) (N = 2,591 families) replicates prior findings of strong association with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and confirms six risk loci (1q21.1, ...
    • A statistical framework for mapping risk genes from de novo mutations in whole-genome-sequencing studies 

      Liu, Y.; Liang, Y.; Cicek, A. E.; Li, Z.; Li, J.; Muhle, R. A.; Krenzer, M.; Mei, Y.; Wang Y.; Knoblauch, N.; Morrison, J.; Zhao, S.; Jiang, Y.; Geller, E.; Ionita-Laza, I.; Wu, J.; Xia, K.; Noonan, J. P.; Sun, Z. S.; He, X. (Cell Press, 2018)
      Analysis of de novo mutations (DNMs) from sequencing data of nuclear families has identified risk genes for many complex diseases, including multiple neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. Most of these efforts have ...