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    • The exon 13 duplication in the BRCA1 gene is a founder mutation present in geographicaly diverse populations 

      Mazoyer, S.; Leary, J.; Kirk, J.; Fleischmann, E.; Wagner, T.; Claes, K.; Messiaen, L.; Foulkes, W.; Desrochers, M.; Simard, J.; Phelan, C. M.; Kwan, E.; Narod, S. A.; Vahteristo, P.; Nevanlinna, H.; Durando, X.; Bignon, Y. J.; Peyrat, J. P.; Bonnardel, C.; Sinilnikova, O. M.; Puget, N.; Lenoir, G. M.; Audoynaud, C.; Goldgar, D.; Maugard, C.; Caux, V.; Gad, S.; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D.; Noguès, C.; Lidereau, R.; Machavoine, C.; Bressac-De Paillerets, B.; Kuschel, B.; Betz, B.; Niederacher, D.; Beckmann, M. W.; Hamann, U.; Ponder, B. A. P.; Robinson, M.; Taylor G. R.; Bishop, T.; Catteau, A.; Solomon, E.; Cohen, B.; Steel, M.; Collins, N.; Stratton, M.; Van Der Looij, M.; Oláh, E.; Miller, N. J.; Barton, D. E.; Sverdlov, R. S.; Friedman, E.; Radice P.; Montagna, M.; Sensi, E.; Caligo, M.; Van Eijk, R.; Devilee, P.; Van Der Luijt, R.; Heimdal, K.; Møller, P.; Borg, Å.; Diez, O.; Cortes, J.; Domenech, M.; Baiget, M.; Osorio, A.; Benítez, J.; Maillet, P.; Sappino, A. P.; Özdag, H.; Özçelik, T.; Ozturk, M.; Rohlfs, E. M.; Boyd, J.; McDermott, D.; Offit, K.; Unger, M.; Nathanson, K.; Weber, B. L.; Sellers, T. A.; Hampton, E.; Couch, F. J.; Neuhausen, S.; Gayther, S. A. (Cell Press, 2000)
      Recently, a 6-kb duplication of exon 13, which creates a frameshift in the coding sequence of the BRCA1 gene, has been described in three unrelated U.S. families of European ancestry and in one Portuguese family. Here, our ...
    • The grammar of anger: Mapping the computational architecture of a recalibrational emotion 

      Sell A.; Sznycer D.; Al-Shawaf L.; Lim J.; Krauss A.; Feldman A.; Rascanu R.; Sugiyama L.; Cosmides L.; Tooby J. (Elsevier B.V., 2017)
      According to the recalibrational theory of anger, anger is a computationally complex cognitive system that evolved to bargain for better treatment. Anger coordinates facial expressions, vocal changes, verbal arguments, the ...
    • Integrating urban ecosystem sustainability assessment into policy-making: insights from the Gold Coast City 

      Dizdaroglu, D.; Yigitcanlar, T. (Routledge, 2016)
      This paper introduces a policy-making support tool called ‘Micro-level Urban-ecosystem Sustainability IndeX (MUSIX)’. The index serves as a sustainability assessment model that monitors six aspects of urban ecosystems – ...