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    • Direct measurement of interatomic force gradients using an ultra-low-amplitude atomic force microscope 

      Hoffmann, P. M.; Oral, A.; Grimble, R. A.; Özer, H. Ö.; Jeffery, S.; Pethica, J. B. (The Royal Society Publishing, 2001)
      Interatomic force gradients between a W tip and a 7 × 7 reconstructed Si(111) surface were measured using an off-resonance, ultra-low-amplitude atomic force microscope (AFM) technique. The amplitudes used were less than 1 ...
    • Nanomechanics using an ultra-small amplitude AFM 

      Hoffmann, P. M.; Jeffery, S.; Oral, Ahmet; Grimble, R. A.; Özer, H. Özgür; Pethica, J. B. (Cambridge University Press, 2001)
      A new type of AFM is presented which allows for direct measurements of nanomechanical properties in ultra-high vacuum and liquid environments. The AFM is also capable to atomic-scale imaging of force gradients. This is ...