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    • A color-based face tracking algorithm for enhancing interaction with mobile devices 

      Bulbul, A.; Cipiloglu, Z.; Capin, T. (Springer, 2010-05)
      A color-based face tracking algorithm is proposed to be used as a human-computer interaction tool on mobile devices. The solution provides a natural means of interaction enabling a motion parallax effect in applications. ...
    • Fast multipole methods in service of various scientific disciplines 

      Gürel, Levent (IEEE, 2014)
      For more than two decades, several forms of fast multipole methods have been extremely successful in various scientific disciplines. Reduced complexity solutions are obtained for solving different forms of equations that ...
    • Non-Einsteinian black holes in generic 3D gravity theories 

      Gürses, Metin; Şişman, T. Ç.; Tekin, B. (American Physical Society, 2019)
      The Bañados-Teitelboim-Zanelli (BTZ) black hole metric solves the three-dimensional Einstein’s theory with a negative cosmological constant as well as all the generic higher derivative gravity theories based on the metric; ...