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    • A genuinely polynomial primal simplex algorithm for the assignment problem 

      Akgül, M. (Elsevier, 1993)
      We present a primal simplex algorithm that solves the assignment problem in 1 2n(n+3)-4 pivots. Starting with a problem of size 1, we sequentially solve problems of size 2,3,4,...,n. The algorithm utilizes degeneracy by ...
    • The linear assignment problem 

      Akgül, Mustafa (Springer, 1992)
      We present a broad survey of recent polynomial algorithms for the linear assignment problem. They all use essentially alternating trees and/or strongly feasible trees. Most of them employ Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm ...
    • Two new algorithms for the linear assignment problem 

      Ekin, Oya (Bilkent University, 1990)
      The linear assignment problem (AP) being among the first linear programming problems to be studied extensively,, is a fundamental problem in combinatorial optimization and network flow theory. AP arises in numerous ...