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    • Aristotle on the naturalness of death from old age 

      Kıymaz, Tufan (Akdeniz Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi, 2018)
      In this work, I explore and critically evaluate Aristotle’s views on the naturalness of dying from old age. His views are not straightforward, because Aristotle regards old age as a kind of decay and he talks about decay ...
    • Re-thinking twelfth-century virtue ethics: the contribution of Heloise 

      Berges, S. (Taylor & Francis, 2013-07-25)
      Twelfth-century ethics is commonly thought of as following a stoic influence rather than an Aristotelian one. It is also assumed that these two schools are widely different, in particular with regards to the social aspect ...
    • Understanding the role of the laws in Plato's statesman 

      Berges, S. (Society for the Advancement of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010)
      In the Statesman, Plato seems to be advocating that in the absence of a true king who will rule independently of laws, the next best thing as far as just rule is concerned is to adhere rigidly to existing laws, whatever ...