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    • The dark night : representing urban anxieties in contemporary superhero films 

      Okay, Damla (Bilkent University, 2011)
      The comic book superhero is one of the most important cultural products of the United States. From the second quarter of the 20th century on, the iconic and allusional images of the larger-than-life superheroes in colorful ...
    • Delegated portfolio management under ambiguity aversion 

      Fabretti, A.; Herzel, S.; Pınar, M. Ç. (2014)
      We examine the problem of setting optimal incentives for a portfolio manager hired by an investor who wants to induce ambiguity-robust portfolio choices with respect to estimation errors in expected returns. Adopting a ...
    • Diversity and novelty in information retrieval 

      Santos, R. L. T.; Castells, P.; Altıngövde, I. S.; Can, Fazlı (ACM, 2013-07-08)
      This tutorial aims to provide a unifying account of current research on diversity and novelty in different IR domains, namely, in the context of search engines, recommender sys- tems, and data streams.
    • Diversity and novelty in web search, recommender systems and data streams 

      Santos, R. L. T.; Castells, P.; Altingovde, I. S.; Can, Fazlı (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014-02)
      This tutorial aims to provide a unifying account of current research on diversity and novelty in the domains of web search, recommender systems, and data stream processing.
    • Essays on bilateral trade with discrete types 

      Mohammadinezhad, Kamyar Kargar (Bilkent University, 2019-11)
      Bilateral trade is probably the most common market interaction problem and can be considered as the simplest form of two sided markets where a seller and a buyer bargain over an indivisible object subject to incomplete ...
    • Optimal allocation with costly inspection and discrete types under ambiguity 

      Bayrak, H. I.; Güler, K.; Pınar, M. Ç. (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
      We consider the following problem: a principal has a good to allocate among a collection of agents who attach a private value to receiving the good. The principal, instead of using monetary transfers (i.e. charging the ...
    • Robust auction design under multiple priors by linear and integer programming 

      Koçyiğit, Ç.; Bayrak, H. İ.; Pınar, M. Ç. (Springer New York LLC, 2018)
      It is commonly assumed in the optimal auction design literature that valuations of buyers are independently drawn from a unique distribution. In this paper we study auctions under ambiguity, that is, in an environment where ...
    • Robust bilateral trade with discrete types 

      Kargar, K.; Bayrak, H. I.; Pinar, M. Ç. (Springer Verlag, 2018)
      Bilateral trade problem is the most common market interaction in which a seller and a buyer bargain over an indivisible object, and the valuation of each agent about the object is private information. We investigate the ...
    • Robust screening under ambiguity 

      Pınar, M. Ç.; Kızılkale, C. (Springer, 2017)
      We consider the problem of screening where a seller puts up for sale an indivisible good, and a buyer with a valuation unknown to the seller wishes to acquire the good. We assume that the buyer valuations are represented ...
    • Worst-case large deviations upper bounds for i.i.d. sequences under ambiguity 

      Pınar, M. Ç. (Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey - TUBITAK,Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknik Arastirma Kurumu, 2018-01-22)
      An introductory study of large deviations upper bounds from a worst-case perspective under parameter uncertainty (referred to as ambiguity) of the underlying distributions is given. Borrowing ideas from robust optimization, ...