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    • Contribution of plasma microparticles to the clinical manifestation of allergic diseases 

      Kahraman, Tamer; Erkoçoğlu, M.; Azkur, D.; Kocabaş, C. N.; Gürsel, İhsan (Turkish Society of Immunology, 2012-04)
      Microparticles (MPs) are nanovesicles secreted from wide variety of cells. They have role in cellular communications in addition to their physiological roles in several diseases. In this study, we investigated roles of MPs ...
    • Distinct regulation of tonsillar immune response in virus infection 

      Jartti, T.; Palomares, O.; Waris, M.; Tastan, O.; Nieminen, R.; Puhakka, T.; Rückert, B.; Aab, A.; Vuorinen, T.; Allander, T.; Vahlberg, T.; Ruuskanen, O.; Akdis, M.; Akdis, C. A. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2014)
      Background: The relationships between tonsillar immune responses, and viral infection and allergy are incompletely known. Objective To study intratonsillar/nasopharyngeal virus detections and in vivo expressions of T-cell- ...