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    • Bi-angular lens for material characterization 

      Yaralıoğlu, Göksen Göksenin; Atalar, Abdullah; Köymen, Hayrettin (IEEE, 1994)
      In this paper a new lens design is proposed for characterization of layered materials. Lamb wave lens employs Lamb waves for this purpose since these waves propagate along interfaces. However, below cut-off angle, the ...
    • A new directional acoustic lens: V-groove lens 

      Bozkurt, Ayhan; Yaralıoğlu, G. Göksenin; Atalar, Abdullah; Köymen, Hayrettin (IEEE, 1993)
      A new directional acoustic lens is introduced. The geometry is very similar to the line-focus lens except the lens cavity, which is shaped as a groove with flat-bottom V cross section. The slanted planar edges of the groove ...