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    • Feasibility of impact-acoustic emissions for detection of damaged wheat kernels 

      Pearson, T.; Çetin, A. Enis; Tewfik, A. H.; Haff, R. P. (Elsevier BV, 2007-05)
      A non-destructive, real time device was developed to detect insect damage, sprout damage, and scab damage in kernels of wheat. Kernels are impacted onto a steel plate and the resulting acoustic signal analyzed to detect ...
    • Wheat and hazelnut inspection with impact acoustics time-frequency patterns 

      İnce, N. F.; Onaran, İbrahim; Tewfik, A. H.; Kalkan, H.; Pearson, T.; Çetin, A. Enis; Yardimci, Y. (ASABE, 2007-06)
      Kernel damage caused by insects and fungi is one of the most common reason for poor flour quality. Cracked hazelnut shells are prone to infection by cancer producing mold. We propose a new adaptive time-frequency classification ...