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    • Nanosprings harvest light more efficiently 

      Khudiyev, T.; Bayındır, Mehmet (OSA - The Optical Society, 2015)
      Nanotechnology presents versatile architectural designs for the purpose of utilization as a building block of 1D optoelectronic nanodevices because current nanowire-based schemes require more effective solutions for low ...
    • Phytoremediation of Cu, Cr and Pb mixtures by lemna minor 

      Üçüncü, E.; Tunca, E.; Fikirdeşici, S.; Özkan, A.D.; Altindaǧ, A. (2013)
      The present study reports the capacity of the aquatic macrophyte Lemna minor to remediate combinations of Cu(II), Pb(II) and Cr(III) from a simulated natural environment. The effect of these metal mixtures on the growth ...