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    • Ablation cooled material removal with bursts of ultrafast pulses 

      Kerse, M. Can (Bilkent University, 2016-01)
      Material processing with femto-second pulses allows precise and non-thermal material removal and being widely used in scientific, medical and industrial applications. However, due to low ablation speed at which material ...
    • Tailoring nonlinear temperature profile in laser-material processing 

      Kesim, Denizhan Koray (Bilkent University, 2019-04)
      Ablation cooled material removal opened up great opportunities for understanding nonlinear processes. Especially using lasers as a tool to tailor nonlinear temperature gradient of material and engineering them to achieve ...
    • Ultrafast laser-material processing in the ablation-cooled regime 

      Arony, Nazifa Tasnim (Bilkent University, 2020-07)
      Recently, a new regime of material ablation using ultrashort laser pulses has been demonstrated. In this regime, thousands of pulses collectively interact and ablate the material, if the time between subsequent pulses is ...