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    • Dual π-Rickart modules 

      Ungor, B.; Kurtulmaz, Y.; Halicioglu, S.; Harmanci, A. (Sociedad Colombiana de Matematicas, 2012)
      Let R be an arbitrary ring with identity and M a right R-module with S = EndR(M). In this paper we introduce dual π-Rickart modules as a generalization of π-regular rings as well as that of dual Rickart modules. The module ...
    • On generalized principally quasi-Baer modules 

      Ungur, B.; Halicioglu, S.; Kurtulmaz, Y.; Harmanci, A. (Birkhaeuser Science, 2013)
      Let R be an associative ring with identity. A right R–module M is called generalized principally quasi–Baer if for any m ∈ M, rR(m R) is left s– unital as an ideal of R and the ring R is said to be right (left) ...