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    • Alger, Horatio, Jr. 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The author of over one hundred novels, Horatio Alger, Jr., has come to be associated with a rags-to-riches narrative that combines moral uplift with social mobility. In the majority of his novels, a young, destitute street ...
    • All the pretty Mexican girls: whiteness and racial desire in Cormac McCarthy's all the pretty horses and cities of the plain 

      Reimer, J. A. (Western Literature Association, 2014)
      All the Pretty Mexican Girls: Whiteness and Racial Desire in Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses and Cities of the Plain” uses a critical analysis of race and gender to argue that John Grady Cole’s relationship with ...
    • Anthropology in history: Lewis Henry Morgan and Margaret Mead 

      Bryson, D. (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010-09)
    • Boardinghouse life, boardinghouse letters 

      Faflik, D. (Georgia State University, 2007-01)
    • The Brown Threat: Post-9/11 conflations of Latina/os and Middle Eastern muslims in the US American imagination 

      Rivera, C. (Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., 2014)
      In the post-9/11 American imagination, stereotypical images of the terrorist from the Middle East and the illegal migrant worker from south of the US border consistently appear in media and rhetoric. Dominant US representations ...
    • Bureaucratization 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      Bureaucracy, or bureaucratization, refers to routinized, deper-sonalized, and dispersed processes devoted to the execution of a variety of administrative tasks, and to the regulation and assessment of these tasks. Within ...
    • Civil War 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The American Civil War (1861–65) between the North (the Union) and the South (the Confederacy) was a conflict over issues of national identity, economic development, western expansion, and slavery. With roughly 2 million ...
    • Class 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The economic and social transformations engendered by industrialization, urbanization, and the emergence of a market economy in the nineteenth century led to processes of class formation, class difference, and class identity ...
    • Coat of many colors by Eugene Eoyang 

      Grieco, Peter (Forkroads, 1996)
    • Cold War 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The Cold War, which began after World War II and lasted through the 1980s, was a geopolitical rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union grounded in an ideological rivalry between capitalism and communism. The ...
    • Confidence Man 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The confidence man—a man who takes advantage of people by gaining their confidence, convincing them to trust him with their possessions, and then stealing those possessions— was a male archetype of Victorian middle-class ...
    • Crisis of Masculinity 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      It was during the late 1960s that historians first developed the notion of a “crisis of masculinity” to describe the nervous concerns that middle-class men had regarding masculinity and the male body during the late ...
    • Cult of Domesticity 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The “cult of domesticity” was first explored as a historical phenomenon in antebellum U.S. society by Barbara Welter, who wrote in 1966 of a “cult of true womanhood,” though the phrase itself was coined by the historian ...
    • Democratic Manhood 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      Between 1815 and the 1840s, a concept of democratic manhood emerged in the United States, marking a conscious rejection of European (especially British) notions of ascribed social status. Strongly associated with Democratic ...
    • Developing a humanities core curriculum program in Turkey 

      Komins, B. T.; Nicholls, D. G. (Modern Language Association, 2000)
    • Disordering the border: Harryette Mullen's transaborder poetics in Muse & Drudge 

      Reimer, J. A. (The Johns Hopkins University Press and University of Calgary, 2014)
      This essay reads Harryette Mullen's epic poem Muse & Drudge as an innovative text of the US-Mexico borderlands by focusing on Mullen's literal and figurative transactions between multiple discourses, including Spanish, and ...
    • Douglass, Frederick 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      Frederick Douglass was a nineteenth-century abolitionist, author, and politician. Through his autobiographies, Douglass fashions himself as a representative, mid-nineteenth-century black male, though his definition of black ...