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    • Code scheduling for optimizing parallelism and data locality 

      Yemliha, T.; Kandemir, M.; Öztürk, Özcan; Kultursay, E.; Muralidhara, S. P. (Springer, 2010-08-09)
      As chip multiprocessors proliferate, programming support for these devices is likely to receive a lot of attention in the near future. Parallelism and data locality are two critical issues in a chip multiprocessor environment. ...
    • SPM management using markov chain based data access prediction 

      Yemliha, T.; Srikantaiah, S.; Kandemir, M.; Öztürk, Özcan (IEEE, 2008-11)
      Leveraging the power of scratchpad memories (SPMs) available in most embedded systems today is crucial to extract maximum performance from application programs. While regular accesses like scalar values and array expressions ...