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    • Correlation tracking based on wavelet domain information 

      İpek, H. L.; Yılmaz, İ.; Yardımcı, Y. C.; Çetin, A. Enis (SPIE, 2004)
      Tracking moving objects in video can be carried out by correlating a template containing object pixels with pixels of the current frame. This approach may produce erroneous results under noise. We determine a set of ...
    • Small moving object detection using adaptive subband decomposition in video sequences 

      Zaibi, Rabi; Çetin, A. Enis; Yardımcı, Y. C. (SPIE, 2000)
      In this paper, a small moving object method detection method in video sequences is described. In the first step, the camera motion is eliminated using motion compensation. An adaptive subband decomposition structure is ...