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    • Simulated annealing for texture segmentation with Markov models 

      Yalabık, M. Cemal; Yalabık, N. (IEEE, 1989)
      Binary textured images are segmented into regions of different textures. The binary Markov model is used, and model parameters are assumed to be unknown prior to segmentation. The parameters are estimated using a ...
    • Steady state approximations for mesoscopic transport 

      Yalabık, M. Cemal (TÜBİTAK, 1995)
    • A study of quantum bistability 

      Ecemiş, M. İhsan; Yalabık, M. Cemal (Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey - TÜBİTAK,Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknik Araştırma Kurumu, 1996)
      We report the preliminary results of a numerical simulation of bistable switching in a one dimensional resonant system within the mean-field approximation. The problem is intriguing because of the peculiarity of the existence ...