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    • DBPal: A learned NL-interface for databases 

      Basık, Fuat; Hättasch, B.; Ilkhechi, A.; Usta, A.; Ramaswamy, S.; Utama, P.; Weir, N.; Binnig, C.; Cetintemel, U. (ACM, 2018)
      In this demo, we present DBPal, a novel data exploration tool with a natural language interface. DBPal leverages recent advances in deep models to make query understanding more robust in the following ways: First, DBPal ...
    • Towards interactive data exploration 

      Binnig, C.; Basık, Fuat; Buratti, B.; Çetintemel, U.; Chung, Y.; Crotty, A.; Cousins, C.; Ebert, D.; Eichmann, P.; Galakatos, A.; Hattasch, B.; Ilkhechi, A.; Kraska, T.; Shang, Z.; Tromba, I.; Usta, Arif; Utama, P.; Upfal, E.; Wang, L.; Weir, N.; Zeleznik, R.; Zgraggen, E. (Springer, 2019)
      Enabling interactive visualization over new datasets at “human speed” is key to democratizing data science and maximizing human productivity. In this work, we first argue why existing analytics infrastructures do not support ...