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    • Grating coupler integrated photodiodes for plasmon resonance based sensing 

      Turker, B.; Guner, H.; Ayas S.; Ekiz, O. O.; Acar, H.; Güler, Mustafa O.; Dâna, A. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011)
      In this work, we demonstrate an integrated sensor combining a grating-coupled plasmon resonance surface with a planar photodiode. Plasmon enhanced transmission is employed as a sensitive refractive index (RI) sensing ...
    • Portable microfluidic integrated plasmonic platform for pathogen detection 

      Tokel, O.; Yildiz, U. H.; Inci, F.; Durmus, N. G.; Ekiz, O. O.; Turker, B.; Cetin, C.; Rao, S.; Sridhar, K.; Natarajan, N.; Shafiee, H.; Dana, A.; Demirci, U. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Timely detection of infectious agents is critical in early diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Conventional pathogen detection methods, such as enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), culturing or polymerase ...