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    • On the rate of channel polarization 

      Arıkan, Erdal; Telatar, E. (IEEE, 2009-06-07)
      A bound is given on the rate of channel polarization. As a corollary, an earlier bound on the probability of error for polar coding is improved. Specifically, it is shown that, for any binary-input discrete memoryless ...
    • Polarization for arbitrary discrete memoryless channels 

      Şaşoǧlu, E.; Telatar, E.; Arıkan, Erdal (IEEE, 2009)
      Channel polarization, originally proposed for binary-input channels, is generalized to arbitrary discrete memoryless channels. Specifically, it is shown that when the input alphabet size is a prime number, a similar ...
    • Reflection coefficient null of acoustic waves at a liquid–anisotropic‐solid interface 

      Ankan, O.; Telatar, E.; Atalar, Abdullah (Acoustical Society of America, 1989-01)
      he reflection coefficient of acoustic waves incident on a liquid–solid interface from the liquid side is numerically calculated for a general anisotropic solid oriented in any arbitrary direction. The reflection coefficient ...