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    • Bazı Türk ve Fransız şairlerinde ölüm: birkaç örnek 

      Sunel, A.Hamit (Ürün Yayınları, 2008)
      Whatever his/her belief may be a person who deserves the name of Jıuman being, has been trying to fınd out the meaning of life throughout his/her life. In fact, the aim of philosophy aııd cvcıı of religions is to attribute ...
    • Okuyucuya: Baudelaire'nin Şiirinin Özü 

      Sunel, A.Hamit (Ürün Yayınları, 2005)
      in this article, Dr. Sunel analyzes the poem 'To the Reader', which is supposed to be the preface to 'Les Fleurs du Mal'. According to the author, this poem, composed of Baudelaire's life and different aspects of his ...