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    • Aharonov-Bohm effect induced by light 

      Kulik, Igor O.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Springer, Dordrecht, 1998)
      The quantum interferometry of normal metallic loops based on the Aharonov-Bohm effect is usually applied to measurements at low temperatures in the case of static or slowly time-varying magnetic fields (e.g., see [1]). ...
    • Entanglement and its operational measure 

      Klyachko, Alexander A.; Öztop, Barış; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Springer, 2006)
      An operational representation of concurrence measuring the entanglement of bipartite systems by means of averages of basic observables is discussed. We prove the validity of this representation for bipartite systems with ...
    • General entanglement 

      Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (IOP, 2006)
      The paper contains a brief review of an approach to quantum entanglement based on analysis of dynamic symmetry of systems and quantum uncertainties, accompanying the measurement of mean value of certain basic observables. ...
    • Locality of quantum electromagnetic radiation 

      Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Apeiron, 2002)
    • Multipole radiation in quantum domain 

      Shumovsky, Alexander S.; Can, M. Ali; Soykal, Öney (Springer, 2003)
      We review recent results based on the application of spherical wave representation to description of quantum properties of multipole radiation generated by atomic transitions. In particular, the angular momentum Angular ...
    • Persistent perfect entanglement in atomic systems 

      Çakır, Özgür; Can, M. Ali; Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (IOP, 2004)
      It is shown that the system of an even number of three-level atoms in the Λ configuration in a cavity can evolve into a persistent maximum entangled state. The time of formation of such an entangled state is estimated.
    • Polarization of free electromagnetic field and electromagnetic radiation in quantum domain 

      Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 1998-07-06)
      Il is shown that conventional disreg;ird.of lo.ngitudinal component, which always e~ists iil radiation ofa localized source, can lead to some. qualitative errors in the description 9f polarization within the quantum domain. ...
    • Preface 

      Hakioğlu, Tahsin Tuğrul; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Springer, 1997)
    • Preface 

      Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Springer, 2003)
    • Quantifying quantum information via uncertainties 

      Öztop, Barış; Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (OSA, 2007)
      We show, for a state ψ of a quantum system with the dynamic symmetry given by the Lie group G, total amount of quantum information and entanglement is provided by summarized uncertainty of basic observables.
    • Quantum multipole radiation 

      Shumovsky, Alexander S. (John Wiley & Sons, 2001)
      The author reviews investigations of the photon localization and quantum phase problems based on the use of the representation of multipole photons. Section II presents a general consideration of the field quantization, ...
    • Quantum optics and solid state spectroscopy 

      Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Springer, 1997)
      Possibility of formation of strongly correlated states of the bosonic excitations in solids similar to the squeezed states of photons is considered. The possibility of observation of these states in optical spectroscopy ...
    • Single qutrit entanglement 

      Binicioğlu, Sinem; Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (OSA, 2007)
      We discussed a recent approach to quantum entanglement. The approach is based on presetting of basic observables of quantum system. Entangled states are interpreted as states with maximal amount of uncertainty of all basic ...