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    • The concept of free electromagnetic field in quantum domain 

      Shumovsky, Alexander; Müstecaplıoǧlu, Özgür (TÜBİTAK, 1999)
      By virtue of the consideration of polarization and phase properties of dipole radiation in the quantum domain, it is shown that the concept of free electromagnetic field should be considered as a quite risky approximation ...
    • Generic entangled states 

      Binicioǧlu,Sinem; Klyachko, Alexander; Shumovsky, Alexander (IOP, 2006)
      It is shown how to construct generic entangled states for an arbitrary system of n-state quantum objects (qunits) by means of the (n × n) cyclic permutation operator.
    • Introduction to the 12th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics 

      Manko, M.; Shumovsky, Alexander; Wallentowitz, S. (IOP, 2006)
      A brief comment concerning the history of Central European Workshops on Quantum Optics and the development of quantum optics is presented.