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    • CO2 polishing of femtosecond laser micromachined microfluidic channels 

      Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Ortaç, Bülend; Elbuken, C.; Bıyıklı, Necmi; Solmaz, Mehmet E. (Optical Society of America, 2016)
      The CO2 polishing of femtosecond laser micromachined channels is studied. The surface quality before and after polishing is observed with naked eye and optical microscope. The method improves imaging of microspheres.
    • Development of viscoelastic particle migration for microfluidic flow cytometry applications 

      Serhatlıoğlu, Murat (Bilkent University, 2020-04)
      Advances in cell biology, quantification, and identification procedures are essential to develop novel particle characterization tools on the diagnostics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, and material science. ...
    • Eco-friendly fabrication of plasmonically active substrates based on end-grafted poly(ethylene glycol) layers 

      Karabel Öcal, S.; Pekdemir, S.; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; İpekçi, H. H.; Şahmetlioğlu, E.; Narin, İ.; Duman, F.; Elbüken, Çağlar; Demirel, G.; Önses, Mustafa Serdar (American Chemical Society, 2019)
      We report completely sustainable processes and materials for inexpensive and scalable fabrication of plasmonically active solid substrates, which are critical for emerging applications in sensing, catalysis, and metasurfaces. ...
    • Electro-viscoelastic migration under simultaneously applied microfluidic pressure-driven flow and electric field 

      Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Işıksaçan, Ziya; Özkan, Melis; Tuncel, Dönüş; Elbüken, Çağlar (American Chemical Society, 2020-04)
      Under the simultaneous use of pressure-driven flow and DC electric field, migration of particles inside microfluidic channels exhibits intricate focusing dynamics. Available experimental and analytical studies fall short ...
    • Focusing-free impedimetric differentiation of red blood cells and leukemia cells: a system optimization 

      Bilican, İ.; Güler, M. T.; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Kırındı, T.; Elbüken, Çağlar (Elsevier, 2020)
      A focusing-free microfluidic impedimetric cell detection system is developed. The effect of the channel dimensions, solution conductivity, excitation voltage, and particle size on impedimetric signal outputs were optimized ...
    • Impedance-based viscoelastic flow cytometry 

      Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Asghari, Mohammad; Guler, M. T.; Elbuken, Çağlar (WILEY‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, 2019)
      Elastic nature of the viscoelastic fluids induces lateral migration of particles into a single streamline and can be used by microfluidic based flow cytometry devices. In this study, we investigated focusing efficiency of ...
    • In vitro analysis of multiple blood flow determinants using red blood cell dynamics under oscillatory flow 

      Işıksaçan, Ziya; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Elbüken, Çağlar (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2020-06)
      The flow behavior of blood is determined mainly by red blood cell (RBC) deformation and aggregation as well as blood viscoelasticity. These intricately interdependent parameters should be monitored by healthcare providers ...
    • Integration of glass micropipettes with a 3D printed aligner for microfluidic flow cytometer 

      Bayram, A.; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Ortaç, Bülend; Demic, S.; Elbüken, Çağlar; Sen, M.; Solmaz, M. E. (Elsevier B.V., 2018)
      In this study, a facile strategy for fabricating a microfluidic flow cytometer using two glass micropipettes with different sizes and a 3D printed millifluidic aligner was presented. Particle confinement was achieved by ...
    • Real-time impedimetric droplet measurement (iDM) 

      Saateh, Abtin; Kalantarifard, Ali; Çelik, Oğuz Tolga; Asghari, Mohammad; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Elbüken, Çağlar (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019)
      Droplet-based microfluidic systems require a precise control of droplet physical properties; hence, measuring the morphological properties of droplets is critical to obtain high sensitivity analysis. The ability to perform ...
    • Reversible decryption of covert nanometer-thick patterns in modular metamaterials 

      Bakan, Gökhan; Ayas, Sencer; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Dana, Aykutlu; Elbüken, Çağlar (OSA - The Optical Society, 2019)
      Continuous development of security features is mandatory for the fight against forgery of valuable documents and products, the most notable example being banknotes. Such features demonstrate specific properties under certain ...
    • Self-powered disposable prothrombin time measurement device with an integrated effervescent pump 

      Güler, M. T.; Işıksaçan, Ziya; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Elbüken, Çağlar (Elsevier B.V., 2018)
      Coagulation is an essential physiological activity initiated by the interaction of blood components for clot formation. Prothrombin time (PT) measurement is a clinical test for the assessment of the extrinsic/common pathways ...
    • Tape'n roll inertial microfluidics 

      Asghari, Mohammad; Serhatlıoğlu, Murat; Güler, M. T.; Elbüken, Çağlar (Elsevier, 2019)
      Particle focusing and separation in microfluidic devices are critical for biological and medical applications. Inertial microfluidics is used for high throughput bio-particle focusing and separation. Most of the inertial ...