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    • Fixed order controller design via parametric methods 

      Saadaoui, Karim (Bilkent University, 2003)
      In this thesis, the problem of parameterizing stabilizing fixed-order controllers for linear time-invariant single-input single-output systems is studied. Using a generalization of the Hermite-Biehler theorem, a new ...
    • Local convex directions 

      Özgüler, Arif Bülent; Saadaoui, Karim (IEEE, 2001)
      A proof of a strengthened version of the phase growth condition for Hurwitz stable polynomials is given. Based on this result, a necessary and sufficient condition for a polynomial p(s) to be a local convex direction for ...
    • On the set of all stabilizing first-order controllers 

      Saadaoui, Karim; Özgüler, Arif Bülent (IEEE, 2003)
      A computational method is given for determining the set of all stabilizing proper first-order controllers for finite dimensional, linear, time invariant, scalar plants. The method is based on a generalized Hermite-Biehler theorem.
    • Stability robustness of linear systems: a field of values approach 

      Saadaoui, Karim (Bilkent University, 1997)
      One active area of research in stability robustness of linear time invariant systems is concerned with stability of matrix polytopes. Various structured real parametric uncertainties can be modeled by a family of matrices ...