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    • Costly preparations in bargaining 

      Karagözoğlu, Emin; Rachmilevitch, S. (Blackwell Publishing, 2020)
      We model costly preparations in negotiations and study their effect on agreements in a bilateral bargaining game. In our model, players bargain over a unit pie, where each player needs to pay a fixed cost in the beginning ...
    • Duality, area-considerations, and the Kalai–Smorodinsky solution 

      Karagözoğlu, E.; Rachmilevitch, S. (Elsevier, 2017)
      We introduce a new solution concept for 2-person bargaining problems, which can be considered as the dual of the Equal-Area solution (EA) (see Anbarcı and Bigelow (1994)). Hence, we call it the Dual Equal-Area solution ...
    • Implementing egalitarianism in a class of Nash demand games 

      Karagözoğlu, Emin; Rachmilevitch, S. (Springer, 2018)
      We add a stage to Nash’s demand game by allowing the greedier player to revise his demand if the demands are not jointly feasible. If he decides to stick to his initial demand, then the game ends and no one receives anything. ...