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    • Electrically controlled terahertz spatial light modulators with graphene arrays 

      Kakenov, Nurbek; Takan, T.; Özkan, V. A.; Balcı, Osman; Polat, Emre Ozan; Altan, H.; Kocabaş, Coşkun (IEEE, 2016)
      Gate-tunable high-mobility electrons on atomically thin graphene layers provide a unique opportunity to control electromagnetic waves in a very broad spectrum. In this paper, we describe an electrically-controlled multipixel ...
    • Graphene based optoelectronics in the visible spectrum 

      Polat, Emre Ozan (Bilkent University, 2015)
      Graphene, a two dimensional crystal of carbon atoms, emerges as a viable material for optoelectronics because of its electrically-tunable broadband optical properties. Optical response of graphene at visible and near ...
    • Graphene supercapacitor as a voltage controlled saturable absorber for femtosecond pulse generation 

      Baylam, I.; Çizmeciyan, M. N.; Özharar, S.; Polat, Emre Ozan; Kocabaş, Coşkun; Sennaroğlu, A. (OSA, 2014)
      For the first time to our knowledge, we employed a graphene supercapacitor as a voltage controlled saturable absorber at bias voltages of 0.5-1V to generate 84-fs pulses from a solid-state laser near 1255 nm.