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    • An integrated genomic and metabolomic approach for defining survival time in adult oligodendrogliomas patients 

      Bund, C.; Guergova‑Kuras, M.; Çiçek, A. Ercüment; Moussallieh, F.-M.; Dali‑Youcef, N.; Piotto, M.; Schneider, P.; Heller, R.; Entz‑Werle, N.; Lhermitte, B.; Chenard, M.-P.; Schott, R.; Proust, F.; Noel, G.; Namer, I. J. (Springer, 2019)
      Introduction The identification of frequent acquired mutations shows that patients with oligodendrogliomas have divergent biology with differing prognoses regardless of histological classification. A better understanding ...
    • Machine learning assisted intraoperative assessment of brain tumor margins using HRMAS NMR spectroscopy 

      Çakmakçı, Doruk; Karakaşlar, Emin Onur; Ruhland, E.; Chenard, M.-P.; Proust, F.; Piotto, M.; Namer, I. J.; Çicek, A. Ercüment (Public Library of Science, 2020)
      Complete resection of the tumor is important for survival in glioma patients. Even if the gross total resection was achieved, left-over micro-scale tissue in the excision cavity risks recurrence. High Resolution Magic Angle ...