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    • Generation of cylindrical vector beams with few-mode fibers excited by Laguerre–Gaussian beams 

      Volpe, Giovanni; Petrov, D. (Elsevier, 2004-07-01)
      We propose a novel method to efficiently produce light beams with radial, azimuthal, and hybrid polarization, through a few-mode fiber excited by a Laguerre–Gaussian beam. With different input polarization we can selectively ...
    • Surface plasmon radiation forces 

      Volpe, Giovanni; Quidant, R.; Badenes, G.; Petrov, D. (The American Physical Society, 2006-06)
      We report the first experimental observation of momentum transfer from a surface plasmon to a single dielectric sphere. Using a photonic force microscope, we measure the plasmon radiation forces on different polystyrene ...
    • Torque detection using brownian fluctuations 

      Volpe, Giovanni; Petrov, D. (The American Physical Society, 2006-11-24)
      We report the statistical analysis of the movement of a submicron particle confined in a harmonic potential in the presence of a torque. The absolute value of the torque can be found from the auto- and cross-correlation ...