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    • Automatic image captioning 

      Pan J.-Y.; Yang H.-J.; Duygulu, Pınar; Faloutsos, C. (2004)
      In this paper, we examine the problem of automatic image captioning. Given a training set of captioned images, we want to discover correlations between image features and keywords, so that we can automatically find good ...
    • GCap: Graph-based automatic image captioning 

      Pan J.-Y.; Yang H.-J.; Faloutsos C.; Duygulu, Pınar (IEEE, 2004)
      Given an image, how do we automatically assign keywords to it? In this paper, we propose a novel, graph-based approach (GCap) which outperforms previously reported methods for automatic image captioning. Moreover, it is ...
    • Towards auto-documentary: Tracking the evolution of news stories 

      Duygulu, Pınar; Pan J.-Y.; Forsyth, D.A. (ACM, 2004)
      News videos constitute an important source of information for tracking and documenting important events. In these videos, news stories are often accompanied by short video shots that tend to be repeated during the course ...