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    • The aid of colour on spatial navigation: A study in a virtual hospital environment 

      Kumaoğlu, Özge; Olguntürk, Nilgün (ACM, 2016)
      The aim of this study is to explore the effects of colour as visuo-spatial cue on spatial navigation and developing a cognitive map in elderly in a simulated virtual hospital environment. The study further purports to ...
    • The aid of colour on visuospatial navigation of elderly people in a virtual polyclinic environment 

      Kumoğlu-Süzer, Özge; Olguntürk, Nilgün (John Wiley and Sons, 2018)
      It is well documented that elderly people often have difficulties in finding their way in unfamiliar environments. In this study, we aimed to explore the usage of colour as visuospatial navigation tool for elderly people ...
    • Color ambiance in interiors 

      Olguntürk, Nilgün; Demirkan, Halime (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012)
      Ambiance is the character and atmosphere of a place that is of great importance to interior designers both to express themselves and to create emotionally fulfi lling spaces. Color and lighting are powerful design tools ...
    • Color and visual complexity in abstract images 

      Kocaoğlu, Rengin; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Wiley, 2018)
      One of the more important aspects of vision is color perception, which involves aesthetic and psychological responses. The aim of this study is to understand the association between color and visual complexity in abstract ...
    • Color and visual complexity in abstract images: Part II 

      Kocaoğlu-Aslanoğlu, Rengin; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2019)
      There are a limited number of studies examining color, visual complexity, and visual interest together, and one of the recent studies that tried to bring a new understanding to the association between color, visual complexity, ...
    • Color contrast 

      Swirnoff, L.; Olguntürk, Nilgün; Olsson, G. (Springer, New York, 2016)
    • Color scheme 

      Olguntürk, Nilgün (Springer, New York, 2016)
    • Color‐emotion associations in interiors 

      Güneş, E.; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Wiley, 2020-02)
      Emotional reactions to red, green, blue, and gray colors in a living room were investigated using a self‐report measure. Participants first watched a short video of a 3D model of a living room. Next, they were asked to ...
    • Colour semantics in residential interior architecture on different interior types 

      Ulusoy, B.; Olguntürk, Nilgün; Aslanoğlu, Rengin (Wiley, 2020-04)
      Colour meaning is a challenging decision in interior architecture during the design process; however, specific meanings within different interior types have not yet been investigated. This study explored colour meaning in ...
    • Colour, emotion, and behavioral intentions in city hotel guestrooms 

      Bilal, Selin Yar; Aslanoğlu, Rengin; Olguntürk, Nilgün (John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2021-10-25)
      This study explores the effects of colours on people's emotional states and behavioral intentions in a real-world city hotel guestroom. For this study, blue, yellow, and gray were selected. According to literature, when ...
    • Colour‐texture mapping associations in terms of preference 

      Fasllija, Ela; Olguntürk, Nilgün; Güvenç, Dilek (Wiley, 2020-08)
      Basic design is the origin of many design‐related fields and covers different concepts such as pattern, colour, texture and relief. Because colour is rarely seen as a uniformly plain element, current research embraces ...
    • Çerçeveleme ve kırmızı rengin dikkat eksikliği Hiperaktivite bozukluğu olan çocukların sınıf içi performanslarına etkisi 

      Öktem, Zeynep; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Türk Eğitim Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi, 2019)
      Dikkat Eksikliği ve Hiperaktivite Bozukluğu (DEHB) olan çocuklar eğitim hayatları boyunca birçok zorlukla karşılaşmaktadırlar. Bu çalışmanın amacı sınıfta dikkatlerini daha iyi toplayacakları bir tahta ve duvar rengi ...
    • Effect of area on color harmony in simulated interiors 

      Odabaşıoğlu, Seden; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Society for Imaging Science & Technology, 2017)
    • Effect of area on color harmony in simulated interiors 

      Odabaşıoğlu, S.; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Wiley, 2020-03)
      The main aim of this study is to examine the effect of area on color harmony in simulated interior spaces. The secondary aim of the study is to investigate how the term color harmony is defined and the link between color ...
    • Effects of colour and chromatic light on depth perception 

      Atlı, Deniz; Olguntürk, Nilgün; Aslanoğlu, Rengin; Sekulovski, D.; Seuntiens, P. (Taylor and Francis, 2020)
      Space perception is the ability to estimate the three-dimensional layout of our environment from the arrangement of individual objects, their location and size. While estimating every distance in the three-dimensional ...
    • The effects of correlated colour temperature on wayfinding performance and emotional reactions 

      Süzer, Özge K.; Olguntürk, Nilgün (John Benjamins Publishing, 2018)
      This study investigated travellers’ wayfinding performance according to the correlated colour temperature (CCT) of lighting in a virtual airport environment. In the first phase an experiment was conducted under 3000K ...
    • The effects of correlated colour temperature on wayfinding: a study in a virtual airport environment 

      Kumoğlu-Süzer, Özge; Olguntürk, Nilgün; Güvenç, Dilek (Elsevier, 2018)
      This study was designed to explore the effects of lighting's correlated colour temperature (CCT) on wayfinding performance in airports and to compare different CCTs to understand their effects on wayfinding performance. ...
    • Effects of framing and the color red on in-class performances of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 

      Öktem, Zeynep; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Türk Eğitim Derneği(TED), 2019)
      Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) face many challenges throughout their educational life. This study is to find out whether there is a combination of board and wall color that will help focus ...
    • Effects of material pairs on warmth perception in interiors 

      Ulusoy, B.; Olguntürk, Nilgün (Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2018)
      The study is the second part of a previous study which explored the effects of color pairs on warmth perception in interiors. The main aim of this study is to investigate the effects of material pairs and their single ...
    • Ergonomics and universal design in interior architecture education 

      Olguntürk, Nilgün; Demirkan, Halime (METU, 2009)
      The focus of this article is on the application of Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) principles on design process. Designers begin acquiring HFE principles and data during their university education. Universal Design ...