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    • The dynamics of inflation in Turkey: a cointegration analysis 

      Metin-Özcan, Kıvılcım; Altunoğlu, Y. (Nova Science Publishers, 2012)
      In recent years, inflation has fallen substantially and has stabilized in one digit in Turkey. This is due to the reduction in the inflation expectations through an implicit and then an open inflation-targeting regime. ...
    • Iodized salt usage in Turkey 

      Özcan, Y. Z.; Metin-Özcan, Kıvılcım (Sosyoloji Derneği, 2006)
      This paper has two aims: to estimate the iodized prevalence in Turkey and to understand reasons both for using and not using it. Data were obtained from a project jointly sponsored by the Ministiy of Health cincl UNICEF. ...
    • Turkish banking crisis and the debt restructuring process: Istanbul approach 

      Metin-Özcan, Kıvılcım; Şimsek, K. (J. Net Publishers, 2005)
      Turkey experienced crises in November 2000 and February 2001, both due to the structural problems of the banking system and also international circumstances. Financial institutions were affected negatively while the real ...