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    • Analytic and asymptotic properties of Linnik's probability densities 

      Hayfavi, A.; Kotz, S.; Ostrovskii, I. V. (Elsevier, 1994)
      The analytic and asymptotic properties of the probability density Jin (:r:) introduced in 1953 by Ju. V. Linnik and defined by the characteristic function 1/(1 + It I"), 0 < n < 2, are studied. Expansions of Jin (:r:) ...
    • A mixture representation of the Linnik distribution 

      Kotz, S.; Ostrovskii, I. V. (Elsevier, 1996)
      Linnik distribution with the characteristic function φα(t) = 1/(1 + |t|α), 0 &lt; α &lt; 2, is shown to possess the following property. Let Xα,Xβ be random variables possessing the Linnik distribution with parameters α and ...