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    • Charged bosons in a quasi-one-dimensional system 

      Tanatar, Bilal; Davoudi, B.; Kohandel, M. (American Physical Society, 2000)
      The ground-state properties of a system of charged bosons in a quasi-one-dimensional model with a neutralizing background are investigated within the hypernetted-chain approximation. Strong correlation effects drive the ...
    • Freezing transition of the vortex liquid in a layered superconductor 

      Davoudi, B.; Kohandel, M.; Tanatar, Bilal (Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., 2001)
      The self-consistent theory of Singwi, Tosi, Land, and Sjolander is used to describe the liquid-solid phase in a layered superconductor in the limit of weak interplane correlation effects as would be applicable to BSCCO ...
    • Hard-core Yukawa model for charge-stabilized colloids 

      Davoudi, B.; Kohandel, M.; Mohammadi, M.; Tanatar, Bilal (American Physical Society, 2000)
      The hypernetted chain approximation is used to study the phase diagram of a simple hardcore Yukawa model of a charge-stabilized colloids. We calculate the static structure factor, the pair distribution function, and the ...