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    • Reading bourdieu with Adorno: the limits of critical theory and reflexive sociology 

      Karakayalı, Nedim (SAGE Publications, 2010)
      Scholarly activity presupposes a certain distance from the concerns of everyday life, which has both liberating and crippling effects. Bourdieu’s reflexive sociology hopes to undo these crippling effects by making the ...
    • Recommendation systems as technologies of the self: algorithmic control and the formation of music taste 

      Karakayalı, Nedim; Köstem, Burç; Galip, İdil (Sage Publications Ltd., 2018)
      The article brings to light the use of recommender systems as technologies of the self, complementing the observations in current literature regarding their employment as technologies of ‘soft’ power. User practices on the ...
    • Social distance 

      Karakayalı, Nedim (Wiley, 2016)
      The main idea behind the concept of social distance is that any given social relationship involves elements of “nearness” and “distance.” There is, however, a diversity of ways in which distance is conceptualized as a ...