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    • Bargaining, reference points, and limited influence 

      Kara, Tarık; Karagözoğlu, Emin; Özcan-Tok, E. (Birkhauser, 2020-07)
      We study the emergence of reference points in a bilateral, infinite horizon, alternating offers bargaining game. Players’ preferences exhibit reference dependence, and their current offers have the potential to influence ...
    • Expected Scott-Suppes utility representation 

      Dalkıran, Nuh Aygün; Dokumacı, O. E.; Kara, Tarık (Academic Press, 2018)
      We provide an axiomatic characterization for an expected Scott-Suppes utility representation. Such a characterization is the natural analog of the von Neumann-Morgenstern expected utility theorem for semiorders and it is ...