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    • CCİ Ankara için talep toplama sistemi tasarımı 

      Anasoy, Şeyma; Kara, Semiha; Koçer, Oğuz; Taşkın, Gülce Simge; Yılmaz, Eren; Kara, Bahar Yetiş; Taysı, Tansel; Kökten, Simge (TMMOB Makina Mühendisleri Odası, 2010)
      CCİ Satış ile müşteriler arasında bir arayüz oluşturan ön satış elemanları sabah ve akşam ofise gelmektedir. Harcanan bu zaman müşteri ilişkilerinin azalmasına, dolayısıyla CCİ’nin satış sistemindeki verimliliğinin azalmasına ...
    • Cumulative vehicle routing problems 

      Kara, İmdat; Kara, Bahar Yetiş; Yetiş, M. K. (In-Teh, 2008)
    • Mobile healthcare services in rural areas: An application with periodic location routing problem 

      Savaşer, Sinem Kınay; Kara, Bahar Yetiş (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-03-15)
      In this study, we focus on the delivery of mobile healthcare services in rural areas, where doctors visit remote villages which do not have a healthcare facility nearby. The aim is to increase the accessibility of healthcare ...
    • Modeling and analysis of issues in hub location problem 

      Kara, Bahar Yetiş (Bilkent University, 1999)
      The hub location problem has been around for more than 10 years. The first mathematical model was formulated by O’Kelly (1986) which is a quadratic integer program. Since then, nearly all of the researchers in this area ...
    • Modeling the shelter site location problem using chance constraints: a case study for Istanbul 

      Kınay, Ö. B.; Kara, Bahar Yetiş; Saldanha-da-Gama, F.; Correia, I. (Elsevier B.V., 2018)
      In this work, we develop and test a new modeling framework for the shelter site location problem under demand uncertainty. In particular, we propose a maxmin probabilistic programming model that includes two types of ...
    • Post-disaster assessment routing problem 

      Oruç, Buse Eylül; Kara, Bahar Yetiş (Elsevier, 2018)
      In this study, we propose a post-disaster assessment strategy as part of response operations in which effective and fast relief routing are of utmost importance. In particular, the road segments and the population points ...
    • The refugee camp management: a general framework and a unifying decision-making model 

      Karsu, Özlem; Kara, Bahar Yetiş; Selvi, B. (Emerald Group Publishing, 2019)
      Purpose: Motivated by the increasing need to provide support to refugees, which remains as a pressing issue in the agenda of many countries, the purpose of this paper is to consider the refugee camp management problem. ...
    • A two-stage stochastic programming approach for reliability constrained power system expansion planning 

      Peker, Meltem; Kocaman, Ayşe Selin; Kara, Bahar Yetiş (Elsevier, 2018)
      Probabilistic realizations of outages and their effects on the operational costs are highly overlooked aspects in power system expansion planning. Since the effect of randomness in contingencies can be more prominent ...