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    • Resonant transmission of light through surface plasmon structures 

      Gurel, K.; Kaplan, B.; Guner, H.; Bayındır, Mehmet; Dana, A. (AIP Publishing, 2009)
      Plasmonics enables the realization of new optical components. Here, we report yet another plasmonic component based on a pair of surfaces displaying grating coupled plasmonenhanced transmission. We observe high quality ...
    • Tuning optical discs for plasmonic applications 

      Kaplan, B.; Guner, H.; Senlik, O.; Gurel, K.; Bayındır, Mehmet; Dana, A. (Springer New York, 2009)
      We present simple physical and chemical procedures that allow tuning and modification of the topography of gratings present in optical storage discs into geometries optimal for grating coupled plasmon resonance excitation. ...