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    • An extension of the glauberman ZJ-theorem 

      Kızmaz, M. Yasir (World Scientific, 2020)
      Let p be an odd prime and let Jo(X), Jr(X) and Je(X) denote the three different versions of Thompson subgroups for a p-group X. In this paper, we first prove an extension of Glauberman’s replacement theorem [G. Glauberman, ...
    • A generalization of Hall-Wielandt theorem 

      Kızmaz, M. Yasir (Elsevier, 2020)
      Let Gbe a finite group and P∈Sylp(G). We denote the k’th term of the upper central series of Gby Zk(G)and the norm of Gby Z∗(G). In this article, we prove that if for every tame intersection P∩Qsuch that Zp−1(P) <P∩Q <P, ...
    • A short note on Isaacs–Navarro’s theorem 

      Kızmaz, M. Yasir (Birkhauser Verlag AG, 2019)
      In this short note, we give a character free proof to a result of Isaacs–Navarro.