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    • Bases in some spaces of Whitney functions 

      Goncharov, Alexander; Ural, Zeliha (Duke University Press, 2017-06)
      We construct topological bases in spaces of Whitney functions on Cantor sets, which were introduced by the first author. By means of suitable individual extensions of basis elements, we construct a linear continuous exten- ...
    • On the absence of stability of bases in some Fréchet spaces 

      Goncharov, Alexander (Springer Science and Business Media B.V., 2020-08)
      We show that, for each compact subset of the real line of infinite cardinality with an isolated point, the space of Whitney jets on the set does not possess a basis consisting only of polynomials. On the other hand, ...
    • On the geometric characterization of the extension property 

      Goncharov, Alexander (The Belgian Mathematical Society, 2007)
      A geometric characterization of the extension property is given for Cantortype sets. The condition can also be done in terms of the rate of growth of certain sequences to the Robin constants of local parts of the set.
    • Some asymptotics for extremal polynomials 

      Alpan, Gökalp; Goncharov, Alexander; Hatinoğlu, B. (Springer, 2016)
      We review some asymptotics for Chebyshev polynomials and orthogonal polynomials. Our main interest is in the behaviour of Widom factors for the Chebyshev and the Hilbert norms on small sets such as generalized Julia sets.