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    • Bilkent university at TRECVID 2006 

      Aksoy, Selim; Duygulu, Pınar; Akçay, Hüseyin Gökhan; Ataer, Esra; Baştan, Muhammet; Can, Tolga; Çavuş, Özge; Doǧgrusöz, Emel; Gökalp, Demir; Akaydın, Ateş; Akoǧlu, Leman; Angın, Pelin; Cinbiş, R. Gökberk; Gür, Tunay; Ünlü, Mehmet (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2006-11)
      We describe our third participation, that includes one high-level feature extraction run, and two manual and one interactive search runs, to the TRECVID video retrieval evaluation. All of these runs have used a system ...
    • Scene classification using bag-of-regions representation 

      Gökalp, Demir (Bilkent University, 2007)
      Significant growth of multimedia data creates the need for more complicated approaches in image understanding, classification and retrieval. Semantic scene classification is a popular research area which categorizes ...
    • Scene classification using bag-of-regions representations 

      Gökalp, Demir; Aksoy, Selim (IEEE, 2007-06)
      This paper describes our work on classification of outdoor scenes. First, images are partitioned into regions using one-class classification and patch-based clustering algorithms where one-class classifiers model the regions ...