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    • 33-fs Yb-fiber laser comb locked to Cs-atomic clock 

      Şenel, Çağrı; Hamid, R.; Erdoğan, C.; Çelik, M.; Kara, O.; İlday, Fatih Ömer (IEEE, 2013)
      Despite the prevalence of fiber frequency combs around 1.5 μm, few fully stabilized frequency combs have been demonstrated around 1.0 μm, despite the generally superior performance of Yb-fiber lasers compared to Er-fiber ...
    • Development and characterization of all-normal dispersion fiber laser for frequency comb generation 

      Şenel, Çağrı; İlday, F. Ömer; Kara O.; Hamid, R.; Erdoğan, C. (Optical Society of America, 2011)
      Development of an all-normal-dispersion Yb-doped fiber laser-based frequency comb is reported. Repetition-frequency stabilization to the cesium standard, amplitude and phase noise measurements indicate low-noise performance. ...