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    • Adopting augmented reality for the purpose of software development process training and improvement: an exploration 

      Ohri, İ.; Öge, İ.; Orkun, B.; Yilmaz, M.; Tüzün, Eray; Clarke, P.; O’Connor, R. V. (Springer, Cham, 2018)
      Augmented reality (AR) is a technological field of study that bridges the physical and digital world together with a view to improving user experience. AR holds great potential to change the delivery of software services ...
    • Auction-based serious game for bug tracking 

      Üsfekes, Ç.; Tüzün, Eray; Yılmaz, M.; Macit, Y.; Clarke, P. (The Institution of Engineering and Technology(IET ), 2019-10)
      Today, one of the challenges in software engineering is utilising application lifecycle management (ALM) tools effectively in software development. In particular, it is hard for software developers to engage with the work ...
    • What makes agile software development agile 

      Kuhrmann, M.; Tell, P.; Hebig, R.; Klunder, J. A-C; Munch, J.; Linssen, O.; Pfahl, D.; Felderer, M.; Prause, C.; Macdonell, S.; Nakatumba-Nabende, J.; Raffo, D.; Beecham, S.; Tüzün, Eray; Lopez, G.; Paez, N.; Fontdevila, D.; Licorish, S.; Kupper, S.; Ruhe, G.; Knauss, E.; Özcan-Top, O.; Clarke, P.; Mc Caffery, F. H.; Genero, M.; Vizcaino, A.; Piattini, M.; Kalinowski, M.; Conte, T.; Prikladnicki, R.; Krusche, S.; Coşkunçay, A.; Scott, E.; Calefato, F.; Pimonova, S.; Pfeiffer, R-H; Schultz, U. P.; Heldal, R.; Fazal-Baqaie, M.; Anslow, C.; Nayebi, M.; Schneider, K.; Sauer, S.; Winkler, D.; Biffl, S.; Bastarrica, C.; Richardson, I. (IEEE, 2021-07-26)
      Together with many success stories, promises such as the increase in production speed and the improvement in stakeholders' collaboration have contributed to making agile a transformation in the software industry in which ...