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    • Insights into autism spectrum disorder genomic architecture and biology from 71 risk loci 

      Sanders, S. J.; He, X.; Willsey, A. J.; Ercan-Sencicek, A. G.; Samocha, K. E.; Cicek, A. E.; Murtha, M. T.; Bal, V. H.; Bishop, S. L.; Dong, S.; Goldberg, A. P.; Jinlu, C.; Keaney, J. F.; Keaney III, J. F.; Mandell, J. D.; Moreno-De-Luca, D.; Poultney, C. S.; Robinson, E. B.; Smith L.; Solli-Nowlan, T.; Su, M. Y.; Teran, N. A.; Walker, M. F.; Werling, D. M.; Beaudet, A. L.; Cantor, R. M.; Fombonne, E.; Geschwind, D. H.; Grice, D. E.; Lord, C.; Lowe, J. K.; Mane, S. M.; Martin, D.M.; Morrow, E. M.; Talkowski, M. E.; Sutcliffe, J. S.; Walsh, C. A.; Yu, T. W.; Ledbetter, D. H.; Martin, C. L.; Cook, E. H.; Buxbaum, J. D.; Daly, M. J.; Devlin, B.; Roeder, K.; State, M. W. (Cell Press, 2015)
      Analysis of de novo CNVs (dnCNVs) from the full Simons Simplex Collection (SSC) (N = 2,591 families) replicates prior findings of strong association with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and confirms six risk loci (1q21.1, ...
    • Whole-genome and RNA sequencing reveal variation and transcriptomic coordination in the developing human prefrontal cortex 

      Werling, D. M.; Pochareddy, S.; Choi, J.; An, J.-Y.; Sheppard, B.; Peng, M.; Li, Z.; Dastmalchi, C.; Santpere, G.; Sousa, A. M. M.; Tebbenkamp, A. T. N.; Kaur, N.; Gulden, F. O.; Breen, M. S.; Liang, L.; Gilson, M. C.; Zhao, X.; Dong, S.; Klei, L.; Çiçek, A. Ercüment; Buxbaum, J. D.; Adle-Biassette, H.; Thomas, J.-L.; Aldinger, K. A.; O’Day, D. R.; Glass, I. A.; Zaitlen, N. A.; Talkowski, M. E.; Roeder, K.; State, M. W.; Devlin, B.; Sanders, S. J.; Sestan, N. (Elsevier, 2020-04)
      Gene expression levels vary across developmental stage, cell type, and region in the brain. Genomic variants also contribute to the variation in expression, and some neuropsychiatric disorder loci may exert their effects ...