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    • Homozygosity mapping and targeted genomic sequencing reveal the game responsible for cerebellar hypoplasia and quadrupedal locomotion in a consanguineous kindred 

      Gulsuner, Süleyman; Tekinay, Ayşe Begüm; Doerschner, Katja; Boyaci, Hüseyin; Bilguvar, K.; Ünal, Hilal; Örs, Aslıhan; Onat, O. Emre; Atalar, Ergin; Basak, A. N.; Topaloglu, H.; Kansu, T.; Tan, M.; Tan, U.; Gunel, M.; Özçelik, Tayfun (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2011)
      The biological basis for the development of the cerebro-cerebellar structures required for posture and gait in humans is poorly understood. We investigated a large consanguineous family from Turkey exhibiting an extremely ...
    • Perceived glossiness in high dynamic range scenes 

      Doerschner, K.; Maloney,Laurence T.; Boyaci, Hüseyin (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, 2010)
      We investigated how spatial pattern, background, and dynamic range affect perceived gloss in brightly lit real scenes. Observers viewed spherical objects against uniform backgrounds. There were three possible objects. Two ...