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    • A contextualist analysis of insults 

      Berkovski, Y. Sandy (Springer, 2017)
      For a predicate expression F contained in a sentence S (‘x is F’) to count as an insult, it should be used in a situation having a number of contextual elements. There should be an audience to whom the utterance of S is ...
    • Moral criticism, hypocrisy, and pragmatics 

      Berkovski, Y. Sandy (Springer, 2022-08)
      A good chunk of the recent discussion of hypocrisy concerned the hypocritical “moral address” where, in the simplest case, a person criticises another for ϕ-ing having engaged in ϕ-ing himself, and where the critic’s reasons ...
    • Slurs and redundancy 

      Berkovski, Y. Sandy (Springer, 2022-09)
      According to nearly all theorists writing on the subject, a certain derogatory content is regularly and systematically communicated by slurs. So united, the theorists disagree sharply on the elements of this content, on ...