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    • Compartmentalizing and sculpting nanovesicles by phase-separated aqueous nanodroplets 

      Sabet, Fatemeh Kazemi; Bahrami, Arash; Bahrami, Amir Houshang (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2022-11-08)
      Phase-separated liquid droplets inside giant vesicles have been intensely studied as biomimetic model systems to understand cellular microcompartmentation and molecular crowding and sorting. On the nanoscale, however, how ...
    • Membrane-mediated interactions between disk-like inclusions adsorbed on vesicles 

      Alizadeh-Haghighi, Elnaz; Karaei Shiraz, Arash; Bahrami, Amir Houshang (Frontiers Media S.A., 2022-10-17)
      Self-assembly of membrane inclusions plays a key role in biological processes such as cellular signalling and trafficking and has potential applications for designing interfacial devices such as sensors and actuators. ...