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    • Hierarchical over-the-air federated edge learning 

      Aygün, Ozan; Kazemi, Mohammad; Gündüz, D.; Duman, Tolga M. (IEEE, 2022)
      Federated learning (FL) over wireless communication channels, specifically, over-the-air (OTA) model aggregation framework is considered. In OTA wireless setups, the adverse channel effects can be alleviated by increasing ...
    • On federated learning over wireless channels with over-the-air aggregation 

      Aygün, Ozan (Bilkent University, 2022-07)
      A decentralized machine learning (ML) approach called federated learning (FL) has recently been at the center of attention since it secures edge users’ data and decreases communication costs. In FL, a parameter server (PS), ...
    • Uğur Mumcu ve manevi mirası 

      Aygün, Ozan; Tulukcu, Sena; Taylan, İzel Beliz; Altay, Hazal; Yıldızhan, Burkay (Bilkent University, 2017)